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Contracts, Mergers, Business Law and Securities Matters

Every business transaction, irrespective of the total dollar amounts involved, inevitably requires a written agreement between the parties involved. Our expertise in preparing, reviewing and/or interpreting a previously-entered-into agreement extends across multiple types of businesses and enterprises.


Within the realm of securities law, Issuers of private placements, whether equity-centric, convertible, preferred, debt or crowdfunded, are obliged to conform and comply with a host of state and federal regulations. Whether you are an Issuer or a Qualified Investor, it is incumbent upon you to consult with an attorney who can provide proper guidance and counsel.


From Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to contracts stipulating the terms and conditions pertaining to the acquisition/sale of a business. to Agreements governing the terms of a private securities transaction aka private placement, we are relied upon to offer expert guidance so as to mitigate the chances that any breach of agreement can be resolved without litigation.




Issuers of Regulation D and Private Placement offerings as well as investment bankers who facilitate such offerings are inevitably obliged to provide regulators and qualified investors with a legal opinion letter on behalf of the Issuer regarding the offering's compliance with certain applical laws, securities regulations and other contractual obligations of the Issuer..


Opinion Letters will necessarily vary with respect to specific representations made by the Issuer, including exemptions from registering said securities with the SEC (unregistered offerings), but without an opinion letter, Issuers are exposed to a wide range of prospective claims brought by investors as well as regulators.

Rule 506 Offerings, Regulation D Offerings, Exemptions, Safe Harbor, Advertising, Subscription



Purchase Agreements, Broker Listing Agreements, Closings, Lease Agreements, Disputes, Evictions

Our legal expertise across the residential real estate practice area is courtesy of Peter Berkman having more than two decades experience has a licensed real-estate broker in Florida and South Carolina.


The legal services we provide extends to the following:


--Contract drafting and review


--Title Work


--Purchase-sale transactions,


--Lease / Rental Agreements


--Landlord-tenant disputes,


--Easements and boundary disputes


--Zoning and land use issues


--Review of broker listing agreements,


--Litigation and arbitration


Estate Planning, Property Management, Mortgages, Inheritance Law

Preparing for the inevitable is perhaps the most critical obligation you have to yourself, your family and others who you plan to bequeath your property and other assets upon your eventual demise. Failing to establish a plan in advance could not only result in unexpected costs for your beneficiaries, the failure to put a strategy in place could deprive your loved ones from benefiting from your intentions.


--Ancillary Probate 

--Estate Administration 

--Estate Planning and Elder Law 



--Inheritance Law 


--Probate Administration 

--Probate Law 

--Summary Probate 

--Trusts and Estates 


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